Increase your breast milk supply in 24 hours

This is the best place to start if you are a mom looking to increase your breast milk supply. The following 10 tips are great if your breast milk supply is a little low and you need to make more milk. Whether you are having a low supply issue, your baby is demanding more breast milk or you need to pump a bottle for a night out.

10 ways to increase milk supply

These tips will help you today. You should see a change in your supply within 24-48 hours.

Hi there! I’m Clair, a breastfeeding mom who became obsessed with learning about breast feeding while I was pregnant with my first child and have continued to research and learn new things so that I can help other moms who want to breastfeed their babies. This is a no judgement site, so I support women who choose to exclusively pump, supplement, tandem nurse, extended nursing, and all those other things that involve giving your baby the best milk there is. Check out Moms Make Milk on facebook  for more breastfeeding help.

Disclaimer: The following should not replace medical opinions/advice by a healthcare professional. 

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…without further ado, here are the

10 things you can do today to increase your supply in 24 hours:

      1. Fenugreek:

        Fenugreek comes in pill form. It’s a dietary supplement. You can buy this just about anywhere. I’ve bought it at Whole Foods and Wal-Mart. If you buy the Nature’s Way brand it is 610 mg. It’s recommended that nursing moms take 2-4 capsules, 3 times per day. You can also purchase Fenugreek as a tea. Most mom’s report noticing a change in 24-72 hours. You’ll know it’s working once your urine starts to smell like maple syrup….. yes I did just say maple syrup. Your sweat may smell like syrup also. You might want to buy some pancake mix because you’ll be craving them once you smell that maple syrup! 

      2. Gatorade:

        Do you mean the sports drink? Yes, Powerade works also, but honestly it has more to do with the electrolytes and hydration. I’ve seen more of an increase when I drink the red flavors. You can chug it or sip on this drink throughout the day.

      3. Coconut Water:

        This comes highly recommended by lactation consultants. An added perk is that it provides a lot of health benefits which are awesome for your postpartum body. Coconut water is sold at most grocery stores.

      4. Lactation cookies:

        Number four is my personal favorite because these cookies are so yummy. You can buy the lactation cookie mix or baked cookies from the Moms Make Milk Store  and  Moms Make Milk Etsy Store 

        Lactation cookies to increase breastmilk supply. Lactation promoting cookies for nursing moms.

        Lactation cookie mix can be baked and frozen for up to 6 months. Eating the dough raw will yield immediate results. It’s totally safe for your family to eat the cookies and no it will NOT make your husband lactate. I ate about 1 or 2 a day…okay maybe more but ideally that’s all you’ll need to see a difference. The cookies are sold in a variety of flavors like chocolate chip, white chocolate chip, chocolate chip toffee, heath, peanut butter chip, raisin, and more. See why other moms are so excited about these cookies.

      5. Food:

        Plain and simple, you have to EAT to make milk. Not empty calories but eat the foods that are good for you. Doctor’s recommend that you eat an extra 300-500 calories a day while breastfeeding. Eating small frequent meals throughout the day will help. I found that eating a  granola bar or snack during the night feedings helps as well.

      6. Brewers yeast:

        This is a key ingredient in those delicious cookies I told you about. It’s also found in beer (I am not recommending that you drink beer). Another awesome way to get Brewers Yeast into your diet is to put it in a smoothie. It runs about $12-15 for  a 14 oz can, but this will last you close to a year. Brewers yeast is also sold in pill form. You can buy it at most health food stores (Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, Whole Foods, etc.) or order online at Amazon. My favorite brand to use is Solgar Brewers Yeast.

      7. Power pumping:

        You mean weight lifting? No silly, I’m talking about pumping in cycles. After you nurse immediately pump for 10 minutes. This will get any extra milk out that the baby didn’t need during that session. Another way is to pump for about 10 minutes. Take a 15 minute break then pump for another 10 minutes. Do this for a couple of cycles. The way power pumping works has to do with supply and demand. Your body produces more if you tell it to. Before you leave check out My favorite books to read for Breastfeeding Moms. 

      8. Rest:

        Sleep sleep sleep! Seems impossible with a newborn or if you have other children in the house. Trust me I know! However, get it in whenever you can. Your body has to rest momma!

      9. Water:

        Staying hydrated is such a big deal. What’s that? You already drink 64 ounces a day (8 cups). Well drink some more! You want to aim for half your body weight in water. Example: if you weigh 180 pounds you should drink 90 ounces a day. The best way I’ve found is to keep a water bottle close by at all times.

      10. Oatmeal:

        Oatmeal is another key ingredient in lactation cookies. Some moms prefer rolled oats over steel cut oats. Although I don’t enjoy them, steel cut oats makes more milk. If you’re making cookies though please use the rolled oats. If you’re not a fan of a bowl of oatmeal in the morning try adding some dry oats in a smoothie. An added benefit here is that oatmeal is good for weight loss and heart health.

      11.  Bonus Tip: Lactation Smoothies are an easy and fast way to increase your breast milk supply! I created a recipe eBook with 30 recipes that you can order today and start making smoothies to increase your supply. The recipe book includes smoothies, milk shakes and green smoothies. I enjoy a smoothie in the morning along with a small breakfast and typically see a change by the afternoon/evening time. Some of the recipes include Blueberry Goodness, Pumpkin Shakes, Strawberry Banana, Oreo Shakes and more! Part of the proceeds  from the sale of this book is donated to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!
Lactation Smoothies Recipe eBook from Moms Make Milk.

Lactation Smoothie Recipe Book for increasing breast milk supply

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If you need additional breastfeeding support from other moms check out the Moms Make Milk Facebook Group and get some of your questions about breastfeeding answered and share whats worked for you with other moms! I can’t wait to hang out with you in the Group!

Pick one or two of the 10 ways to increase your breast milk supply  to try today and let me know your results.

How do I know if my breast milk supply has increased?

It’s easier to measure your increase if you’re using a breast pump. If you are exclusively breast feeding without a breast pump then you should see a difference in the fullness of your breast. Wear some breast pads when trying these out to contain the extra leakage you may experience.
If you’re not pumping, you should notice either an increase in wet diapers, or your baby is a little more satisfied at the breast.

If you enjoyed these tips share it with a friend. I’d love to know your results from trying any of my methods. You can leave a comment or send an email to

Update: Since I posted this in February 2015 I have gotten an overwhelming response from Moms saying how much they loved this post and were able to make more milk from trying one of the methods. I really do read the emails you send, Thank you ladies so much! I’m happy to hear that this has helped you in your breastfeeding journey.

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10 ways to make more breast milk in 24 hours


59 thoughts on “Increase your breast milk supply in 24 hours

  1. Thomasina says:

    I wish I would have read this when I first started nursing, which was 15 mo ago! I did end up trying the Fenugreek, oatmeal, mother’s tea and drinking lots of water. I really had to get used to the oatmeal and the tea. But it was worth it! Great tips!

    • Moms Make Milk says:

      Thomasina, I hear that a lot. I wish I would have posted this sooner. My daughter is 2 1/2 now but I remember how much I used to search the internet for ways to increase my supply and these were my favorite.

      • Moms Make Milk says:

        Hi Leslie,

        One of the main ingredients in the tea is fenugreek which I have personally tried and can say that it works. I’ve never drank the tea but I’ve heard a lot of moms say that it increased their supply.

      • Berenice Limon says:

        Hi, the tea does work. it gave me a little boost. I tried the Cardamon flavor since the original flavor tastes like black licorice (which i don’t like).

  2. Heather says:

    I love this pages. I have also heard for women who are exclusively nursing to just nurse, nurse, nurse. I did this and it instantly helped. My son is only 3 months old now and is still eating every 2-3 hours for about 30-40 minutes all together. I want to try some of these amazing tips. 🙂

  3. Courtney Waggoner says:

    i saw on Pinterest where you could also take marshmallow root. Have you heard of this or tried it to increase milk supply?

    • Moms Make Milk says:

      Courtney, I’ve heard that it can help with increasing the amount of fat in your milk which is good if your baby is a slow gainer. I’ve never tried marshmallow root before though. That’s definitely something to look into. -Clair

  4. Breezy says:

    The first few days of me breast feeding were great ! 5-4 ounces each boob when I pumped but now I dropped to 1-1.5. I just started taking fenugreek. Has this happened to anyone else. I’m so upset. He’s 9 days old and I’m so not ready for formula.. Looks like I’ll have to start soon 😔

    • Moms Make Milk says:

      Wow you were getting a lot of milk, have you checked to see if your pump has any blockages. Sometimes the pieces that give the suction can get clogged and that may limit the amount of milk that comes out. Fenugreek is a great source, I personally used it and noticed a change. Also are you still on the same pumping schedule? Try adding in another session during the night or when your baby is napping. It does come down to supply and demand so the more you pump/nurse the more milk you’ll milk. I’m available on Facebook as well if you have more questions.

        • Harvinder says:

          If its any help, I know people who had probelms with the first and successfully breastfed #2.I actually disagree with the people who tell you to pump, you only need to pump if the baby cannot latch on or you have to be apart. As a working mom, I can tell you its more work and produces less milk than nursing directly from the breast.For me, what helped the most after a rough start was skin to skin contact. Everyone was at the house constantly holding my son. We saw a lact consultant and she said I was the one who needed to be holding him (I wanted to anyway, just couldn’t get people to let him go!!), and that after every feeding, I should leave my shirt open and hold him against my chest for a while. Also to strip him down to his diaper whenever I fed him at first. After losing too much weight at first, he gained 10 oz in 2 days, and 1lb 10 oz. in about 10 days! Also, just nurse them as frequently as you can in the early days, to get it established, they’ll settle into a schedule in a couple weeks. Congrats!! Was this answer helpful?

      • Twyla says:

        It seems that I’m allergic to fenugreek. I got a world of issues. My baby is going on 6 months and I don’t think I can get her to breast feed again.

  5. Khadejah says:

    Thanks so much for this post! I found it on Pinterest and I’m so glad I did. I have a 7 week old and exclusively pump. We are still hopeful about nursing one day, but for now pumping is our method. I have been wondering if late how to increase my supply as my son grows and his needs increase. The power pumping tip will be a huge help for me. Thank you for sharing this tip!

    • Moms Make Milk says:

      Khadejah, I’m glad this post was helpful! I exclusively pumped the first 3 weeks. The NICU used a feeding tube mostly to feed her my breast milk. You can and will nurse if you desire to! I actually used a nipple shield for a few weeks as well until she got the hang of it.

  6. Laura says:

    Great post. I first read it when my baby had less than 1 month. Now my baby is close to 4 months and after I got back to work a couple of weeks ago I feel my milk supply is decreasing. When I started to work I pump 3 times during work ( my work is from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm). And bring home 7-12 oz for my baby. Then when I get home at 6:00 pm I nurse my baby and don’t give him bottle when I am close to him.
    Now I feel my breast are not full while I am at work and I am bringing home 3-5 oz , I try to pump 3 times during my work hours but sometimes is difficult because of my job load. I want to know if I can increase my supply once it has decreased?

    • Moms Make Milk says:

      Yes you can absolutely increase your supply. Are you nursing him in the morning before you go to work? Also during the night are you still getting up to pump or nurse? Nursing and/or pumping more frequently will increase your supply.

  7. Laura says:

    Hi. Thanks for your response.
    Yes I nurse him before I go to back from
    work and every time he eats and I am at home. On the nights I nurse him and before I go to work I nurse him. What I don’t do is pumping at home.

  8. Laura says:

    Hi Leslie Ann,

    In my particular case I have used both fenugreek capsules ans mother milk tea.

    With my first baby I felt the tea was not working. But i just tried it with my second baby and again did not saw the impact in my milk production.

    So I decided to use fenugreek capsules and let me tell you, there is a huge difference. In less than 24 hours I had reaults with the capsules.
    I am using it for my lactation cookies and lactation smothies as well. And I am loving it.

    Hope my comment help you.

  9. Laura says:

    So I’m really hoping you can help me solve my breastfeeding delemma… my baby is one month old and from the get go my supply is very unstable. Sometimes I have plenty, other times not enough for her. There isn’t any pattern to the low times, sometimes they last one day, sometimes several. I’m trying EVERYTHING and always willing to try new things I hear about, but none of them seem to help my milk stay up. I’m making lactation cookies, taking all my prenatal pills, fenugreek pills, malunggay herb, brewers yeast, placenta capsules, alfalfa tablets, drinking tons of water, teas… you name it! But one thing I wonder after reading your post, you say that you know you’re taking enough fenugreek when you smell like maple syrup but I’ve been taking the highest dose of 4 capsules 3x day for like 3 weeks and haven’t smelled like maple syrup. I’ve even asked my husband of I do and he says no. So does that mean I should take more? Can I take more, do you know? Just thought maybe that would help… I don’t know:/

    • Moms Make Milk says:

      You may want to stop taking the fenugreek pills, one thing I’ve found is that if you take too much it can actually hurt your supply and everyones body doesn’t respond to it. Are you doing all of those things together or are those things that you’ve tried separately? I only recommend trying out maybe one or two things at a time and give it about a week to see if it really makes a difference. Have you met with a lactation consultant yet?

  10. Miranda says:

    How many of the food things will help if you’re on Synthroid???
    I’ve power pumped, had fenugreek and/or Mother’s Milk, and I’m still not seeing results.
    On top of that I’m also on a MAJOR budget and couldn’t have afforded those (if not for someone I know being kind enough to either give their leftovers or get me X)

  11. Tifftiff says:

    I had a big drop in milk supply recently. I started taking fenugreek daily two months ago. It helped at first, but then I gradually started drying up. I learned that the fenugreek was blocking the absorption of my thyroid meds (I have hypothyroidism). So, if you have hypothyroidism do NOT take anything with fenugreek. I’m still trying to boost my milk supply in other ways and so far goat’s rue is starting to help. It takes a while but progress is being made. I’m going to have to try the brewers yeast and oats!

    • Karyn says:

      I have hypothyroidism and take levothyroxine/synthroid. I also take fenugreek religiously. I have supply issues & have since month 1 & that’s probably right when i started taking fenugreek. How did you find out about the fenugreek interfering? This is the first I have heard of this? My LO is 5 months now. We had to go on formula. She still breastfeeds thankfully. I only produce 1 oz per breast every 2 hours. Would love to increase supply.

  12. Wendy says:

    I breastfed both my children which turned into a 3.5 year span. I did not know about all of the things prescribed here, matter of fact we did not have Internet at that time. What I did do is a lot of corn chowder, not the can kind. Homemade. I never had a short supply of milk and at one point was nursing two at the same time. Try it. Goodluck.

  13. Devan says:

    Has anyone here tried relactation? I was considering trying to. I had to stop breastfeeding when my little o e was 2 months because she had a milk protien sensitivity. She is now 7 months old and I think she has out grown it $o I’d like to see if I can get my milk back. I still can express a few drops so I know it hasn’t dried up completely.

    • Myra says:

      Not me, but a friend of mine was able to relactate after not being able to nurse for several months due to health problems. She pumped 6-7x a day for a week or so before getting any results but then she was able to build her supply back up from there. Good luck!

  14. Crystal says:

    How do I build my supply back up to meet her demand if I am working? When i am with her she eats every 2 hours but when I am not with her I pump about every 4 I can’t seem to find the time before every 4 and when I pump that time I only get about 5 to 6 ounces at a time. I would love to build it back up since I am so let breastfeeding. She is only 4 months and I would love to keep going until at least a year. Tips would be very helpful.

  15. brooke bridge says:

    Hi, love the ideas and info just a few issues no one should be drinking half their weight in water daily I for example weigh 60kgs so would be aiming for 30L’s of water? Thats just nuts and dangerous there is such a thing as water toxicity. Also having the odd beer every now and then does miracles for your breast milk supply they used to encourage new mums to have a beer in hospital post birth to help establish milk supply however consuming raw active yeast will see you unbalancing your gastrointestinal system and result in some nasty thrush I would assume.
    But hey im just a nurse with a basic knowledge of the human body.
    guess im just saying please ladies research before you put things in your body. Breastfeeding is a natural thing that if you put adequete water and good food it just tends to happen most issues are due to bubs not suckling or attaching properly in which case a trip to a friendly lactation consultant in your area can do wonders.
    goodluck mummas.
    brooke from AUS.

    • Moms Make Milk says:

      Hi Brooke, When I talk about drinking half your body weight in water. I mean in the United States customary units. So if you way 60kg =132 pounds. You would drink 66 ounces=1.95 liters of water. Sorry for the confusion there.

      In the US hospitals don’t encourage consuming alcoholic beer, so I wouldn’t make that recommendation. There is non-alcoholic beer sold in most stores here though. Brewers yeast is typically consumed in pill form, or in a smoothie, cookie etc. I agree more mothers should see a lactation consultant about supply and latch issues, they are very trained and informed about breastfeeding. Thanks for stopping by!


  16. Rebekah says:

    I recently had a dip in my supply. I would pump about 20 oz and then I noticed a big dip. Now I can only get about two. When my supply dipped I went to the dr and found out I have a thyroid issue brought on by the change in my hormones after giving birth. My son is 7 months old and I would love to breastfeed more! I get so stressed out that I have to feed him formula.bnot to mention it is so expensive! Any tips for people who might have a thyroid problem?

  17. says:

    Milk is being produced at all times, with speed of production depending upon how empty the breast is. Milk collects in mom s breasts between feedings, so the amount of milk stored in the breast between feedings is greater when more time has passed since the last feed. The more milk in the breast, the slower the speed of milk production.

  18. Mecca says:

    Hello. My baby girl actually will be 1 tomorrow March 2nd. I breastfed off and on in the beginning but ended up stopping because the job I had made it impossible to pump every 2 hours and the milk started to dry up a bit. Every now and then I feel a good amount of milk drop and she’ll grab at that and nibble for a second then stop and start crying so I’ve kinda stuck to giving her a bottle. I don’t do formula though I give her the unsweetened almond milk. I would really love to build back up my milk supply but need some ideas on how to. Please respond. Thanks.

  19. lourdes says:

    Hello I breastfeeding my baby she has 45 days born. I just breastfeed her during the days and combined it with formula because I don’t produce enough. How can I increase. Are those tips useful and the cookies are normal oatmeal cookies I buy at the market or I should make them
    Thanks oh I’m from Puerto Rico

  20. Oksana says:

    I tried tea (Mother’s Milk), fenugreek, oatmeal, power pumping, still drinking lots of water… Nothing works 😞 my baby still cries after feedings so I have to supplement… I hate it! I just want to breastfeed

  21. Denise Renae says:

    My milk has decreased these last few weeks significantly. My baby is 9mo old and I still want to breastfeed her. My milk was coming in only in the mornings (so I used pumped milk I had in the freezer or formula for the other 2 feedings in the day). A few days ago, I started taking Fenugreek and my milk came in for her evening feeding last night! Thanks for these tips. I will be trying another one or two of these!

  22. Katrina Gallagher says:

    You forgot Alfalfa. I took 10 vitamins a day and had enough milk to feed an army.
    FYI: It does turn your milk funny colors 🙂

  23. Anne says:

    Gatorade and Powerade are full of crap chemicals and food coloring, especially red food colouring which has been scientifically proven damaging to the brain! Plus high sugar! Not beneficial for breastfeeding at all! All thebothers suggestions are great. I did Blessed Thistle and Fenugreek! Had tons pfnsupply in freezer and donated to a friend as well!!

  24. Jenny West says:

    while breastfeeding i had a few issues- i wouldn’t make enough milk, or one breast would contribute more than the other. I was told by my LC nurse to take “Healthy Nursing tea” . Also, she told me to pump in between feedings… I was supposed to pump at least 10x a day… and put baby to breast more often during the day. Also, don’t forget to drink lots of water!

  25. Jessica Marques says:

    Apple juice and lots of water. The more fluids you drink the better. Use herbs tea; Healthy nursing tea works wonder. And Make sure that you are nursing/ pumping about every 2 hours during the day and every 4 hours during the night. I followed these things and my milk production doubled in 72 hours.

  26. Jessica Marques says:

    I was low on breast milk supply and was using lactation cookies, plenty of water and so on but still the milk wasn’t coming with full flow. Then was told to use an organic tea called Healthy nursing tea which worked tremendously and my milk production increased.

  27. Christina says:

    Hi. I recently purchased some fenugreek in pill form and I was reading the bottled and it says if your pregnant or nursing not to use, so I’m kind of afraid to use it. I called my doctor and they haven’t called me back yet. Is it really safe to use if your pumping?

  28. Katie Nichols says:

    I want to bring back my breast milk. I did it last year almost 9 yrs after giving birth to my son. I was taking tons of domperidone, eating lactation cookies, taking fenugreek, lecithin, more mother’s milk. I want to try again, but without taking domperidone. Any suggestions?

  29. Chastity Johnson says:

    I can’t wait to try these methods. My coworker, Ava McCoy, told me about your site! I have a 2 1/2 month old who was a preemie by a week and a half, but my body never got it togerher. I am trying these methods and I’ll let you know my results. Thanks for this awesome site!!!

  30. Martina says:

    Hi ladies I need some help I’ve tried everything on this list and my milk is still low I don’t what else to try or what will boost my milk, sometime my son won’t drink from me n it worries me if he got any so I’m goin to formula but want him to have boob milk is there anyone or anything that can help I’m on the end of just giving up thanks

  31. Shaz says:

    Hi I need some useful advise and I don’t know who to tell my baby feeds of my right side only and does not like the left side and AV tried different positions but she doesn’t seem to latch on AV tried pumping to keep the milk flowing but because I hit and miss with the pumping I Harding produce half an ounce my baby is 14 weeks now can I still bump up the supply?

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