Hi there! I’m Clair, a mom who breastfed for a solid year. I started off exclusively pumping when my daughter was born 8 weeks premature and then I started nursing when she was 3 weeks old. I became obsessed with learning about breastfeeding while I was pregnant and have continued to research and learn new things so that I can help other moms who want to breastfeed their babies.clair

This is a no judgement site, so I support women who choose to exclusively pump, supplement, tandem nurse, extended nursing, and all those other things that involve giving your baby the best milk there is.

I love sharing advice about breastfeeding and hearing from other women about their experience and journey with breast feeding.

My story:

It all started when I began reading a book on attachment parenting while I was pregnant. I was still undecided on breastfeeding or formula feeding. I was leaning more towards breastfeeding because my husband and I were on  a tight budget. After I finished reading the book I was sold on breastfeeding.

So on my next library trip I checked out several books on breastfeeding that explained how to start, common concerns of breastfeeding mothers, problems with breast feeding, positions, etc…. My next step was to order a free breastfeeding cover on the internet. LOL I don’t know why that was the next thing I did. Probably because I’m a very modest person.

So there I was, watching youtube and reading about breastfeeding every day. Well in October 2008 I went for a normal visit to my OBGYN and my blood pressure was through the roof so she admitted me. (insert tears, sobs like a baby) <— that was literally me. So my baby was born a few days later via c-section after 48 hours of labors. My daughter will definitely hear about that when she’s older.

My first question after delivery was when can I start pumping? From all of that research I knew my baby needed the ” liquid gold ” and I was determined to give it to her. So the next morning the lactation consultant/nurse came to the room and helped me get started on the pump. That pump later became my best friend and lead to me filling a deep freezer with frozen breast milk. 

Fast forward several years later, I decided to share what I learned and start Mom’s Make Milk to help other women on their breastfeeding journey.

You can email me at Clair@MomsMakeMilk.com

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