Breast Milk Storage Guildlines

Expressed Breast Milk Storage Guidelines for every breastfeeding mom who pumps. You worked hard to get those ounces or even milliliters of breast milk, now what do you do? If you don’t plan to feed it to your baby right away here is what you should know about storing breast milk.

Storing Breast Milk. Breast Milk Storage Guidelines you need to know. Great to save in your phone as a reference for storing breast milk.

You can save this image in your phone, tablet or email for future reference. It’s great to have on hand because trust me sometimes you get “mom brain” and can’t remember whether you can leave the milk out for 3 hours or not.

The hospital where I gave birth gave me a magnet to place on my fridge and it really came in handy. I hope this is helpful and please share it with a breastfeeding mom.

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