Breastfeeding Tips

Breastfeeding Tips

Check out Moms Make Milk Breastfeeding Tips.

Breastfeeding Tips from a mom who breastfed for a year. These are awesome tips!

Breastfeeding Affirmation You can repeat this breastfeeding affirmation daily to improve your confidence and mindset about breastfeeding. Read More

Freezing Breast Milk First let’s celebrate that you have milk to freeze! (Go Girl!) Here are some tips to make freezing your milk a little easier. 1. Use bags instead of bottles. While bottles are totally okay,….Read More

Breastmilk Storage Guidelines How long should you leave milk on the counter. Can you refreeze thawed breast milk…Read More

Cluster Feeding What is cluster feeding? How I keep my sanity during frequent feedings and fussiness.

Reasons to Breastfeed 1. Weight Loss: The average breastfeeding woman burns an extra 500 calories a day from breastfeeding. Pass the oreo’s please…. actually don’t because that would defeat the purpose.
2. Liquid Gold: You will become very familiar with this term when you start nursing. This is the colostrum that your breast produces when you start breastfeeding. It’s liquid and…Read More

Top 5 things to bring in your hospital bag for breastfeeding Mom’s These are essentials for moms who plan to start breastfeeding their newborn baby after delivery. Read More

How to Handle Visitors When you’re breastfeeding You are in the beginning days of breastfeeding and still trying to get hang of it. Meanwhile your family and friends are so excited that you had a baby and they can’t wait to stress you out  visit you and the baby. Here’s how to handle visitors the polite way…Read More

How often should you pump? If you’re exclusively pumping meaning that you don’t nurse your baby, you only use a breast pump to express your milk then it’s important to know how often you should be pumping. In the beginning…Read More

How to Prevent Engorgement Engorgement happens as a result of an increased flow of fluid and blood in the breast, in addition to your milk supply…Read More

How to Treat Engorgement If you follow the tips below you should notice that this goes away within 12-48 hours. A more severe case of engorgement may take …Read More

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