How to handle visitors when you’re breastfeeding

How to handle visitors when you’re breastfeeding.

You are in the beginning days of breastfeeding and still trying to get hang of it. Meanwhile your family and friends are so excited that you had a baby and they can’t wait to stress you out visit you and the baby. Here’s how to handle visitors the polite way when you’re breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding around Visitors at home and in the hospital


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It may seem like you have absolutely no privacy in a hospital. Especially after you give birth, but if you would prefer you can have all your visitors screened at the nursing station or just ask the nurse if they can place a sign on your door that says “Breastfeeding Mom please knock” or “Nursing Mother please knock.” Your friends and family won’t be offended that you asked them to knock before entering. One of the cool things about my hospital was that there was a little curtain between the door and my bed which gave me a little more privacy.


Okay so it’s a little easier at home because you can just go in another room to nurse the baby or ask them to leave. … Rude much… not really. It’s okay to tell your people that you would rather nurse in private. Let them chill out for 15-20 minutes while you feed your baby.

If you’re tired let them know that you are tired and kindly ask them to leave. Most people will understand even your grandmother. Don’t be too proud to ask for help if you want someone to hold the baby while you take a shower or pick something up from the store on the way to visit you. You will be exhausted after having a baby and not to mention the lack of sleep with a newborn.



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Can I just say that when people visit you at home after you have a baby I get that they want to see the baby and hold him/her. That’s cool but if you don’t mind can you call first and let a girl know that you’re coming. Trust me when I say they will understand that your house is a mess, in fact if they’re a good friend/relative they may offer to clean up for you or bring a meal. …In a perfect world I guess.


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