Is my baby hungry

How to know when it's time to feed a breastfed baby. Hunger cues to look for.

Hunger Cues

In the beginning it’s essential to learn when your baby is ready to eat. It’s best to catch them in the beginning stages rather than later when they are crying inconsolably. Once they start crying it can be hard to get them to latch.

So if you’re struggling with getting your baby to latch, watch your baby for when it’s time to breastfeed. As they get older they generally will pull at your clothes (embarrassing I know, but don’t make it a big deal) to let you know they are hungry. As I’m writing this post my 3 month old typically will turn her head and root around my chest or whoever is holding her to let me know she’s ready to eat.

If your baby looks like they are hungry and showing all the signs even if it’s not time for them to eat again, offer the breast. They may be cluster feeding or going through a growth spurt and signaling your body to make more milk.

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