Breastfeeding a baby around your toddler

Breastfeeding your baby around your toddler. 

How to make it the new normal at your house.

Breastfeeding a baby around a toddler. Tips to help them adjust.Prior to giving birth it’s a good idea to casually introduce your toddler to the concept of how mothers feed their babies. A good way to begin the conversation by saying “do you know what the baby will drink?” Most toddlers may say “bottles” or “milk.” They usually have an idea that babies drink milk from a bottle. You can lead the conversation by saying “that’s right babies do drink milk from a bottle but they also get their milk from their mommy/mum/mother/mama.

If you don’t want to use the term breast you can say bumps, mommy’s chest, etc. This is your personal choice and what you’re comfortable with your child yelling out in public (trust me this will happen).

There are several story books that you can read with your children to help them understand breastfeeding. Most of these books can be purchased online or through a retail bookstore. The most helpful advice is to not make a big deal and let them know that it’s very natural and normal to feed a baby this way. The first few times you nurse in front of your toddler they may be curious but then it becomes an afterthought and you may even find them encouraging you to pick the baby up to nurse when the baby starts to cry.

Tips to help them adjust:

  • Make them feel important.
  • Give your toddler something special to do occasionally when you breastfeed. I.e. a special toy they can play with, screen time (if you’re cool with it), or a puzzle.
  • Let your toddler snuggle next to you when you’re breastfeeding.
  • Ask them to hand you the boppy, a burp cloth, a bottle of water, etc.
  • Offer a lot of praise and recognition when they behave while you’re breastfeeding.

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Breastfeeding Tips: Freezing Breast Milk

Breastfeeding Tips: Freezing Breast Milk
How to freeze breast milk for breastfeeding moms

First let’s celebrate that you have breast milk to freeze! (Go Girl!) Here are some tips to make freezing your breast milk a little easier. Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you choose to make a purchase. I am grateful for your support of this site in this way.

Tips on Freezing Breast Milk for Breastfeeding Moms

  1. Use bags instead of bottles. While bottles are totally okay, trust me I used bottles for the first month or two until I discovered how easy it was to thaw a bag of breast milk instead of a bottle. Bags take up less space. I loved the Lansinoh Storage Bags for storing breast milk.

    Easy Way to Freeze Breast Milk

  2. Store your milk in the middle of the freezer. Like most food and beverage items, storing in the middle of the freezer will help keep the milk at a consistent temperature as opposed to the freezer door.
  3. Store in a deep freezer. So I know most people may not have that option, but if you have one use it. Your milk can stay frozen for up to a year in a deep freezer. While breast milk stored in a normal freezer is good for up to 6 months. (Read more about how long you can freeze your milk here).  If you’re interested in buying a deep freezer check your local newspaper for one. You can find a used deep freezer in really good condition for a fraction of the cost.
  4. Don’t fill storage containers all the way to the top. Milk expands as it freezes so it’s good to leave a little room.
  5. Freeze smaller quantities of breast milk. I would recommend freezing 2 to 4 ounces per bag or bottle. Freezing less may prevent you from thawing milk that doesn’t get used.

Bonus Tip: Make sure you seal and close your containers tight. There is nothing like spilling freshly pumped milk on the counter/sink/floor. (I’ve done this)

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Top 5 Things to put in your hospital bag


Top 5 things to put in your breastfeeding hospital bag for after delivery. These are essentials for moms who plan to start breastfeeding their newborn baby after delivery. Your lactation consultant/nurse will come to your room to help you learn how to latch your baby and/or use the breast pump. My daughter was born 8 weeks early so I started off using a breast pump and after about 3 weeks I was able to start nursing her.


Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you choose to make a purchase. I am grateful for your support of this site in this way.

Below are my top 5 things for a breastfeeding mom to bring to the hospital for use after delivery.

      1. Nursing Bra: The first days after delivery your breast won’t be that full/heavy but this makes life easier mainly for access. In the beginning just a simple no-wire nursing bra works fine. It kind of looks like a sports bra.
      2. Nursing Pads: You will want to buy stock in these. LOL just kidding girls. Seriously though, nursing pads are these small circular pads that cover your nipple area and helps prevent leakage on your lovely clothes. Check to see if your nurse has some that you can use. I’m all for freebies. You’ll really want to go ahead and buy these before hand though. Amazon, Target,Wal Mart, Babies R’ US etc. all sell them. I bought them in larger quantities once I found the brand that I liked best. My top two choices were Lansinoh Nursing pads and Avent. I should note that they make reusable ones as well, that you can wash in your machine. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial
      3. Nipple Cream: Yep that’s a thing. You’re going to want some. Again your nurse may have a sample for you to use. I suggest that you start applying this on Day 1. If you’ve been browsing the internet you have probably heard about cracked/bleeding nipples(this is normal and it can happen). Put this stuff on and thank me later. There are a variety of brands and they are sold at most baby stores as well. Lansinoh is a well known brand that I love. One tube actually lasted me a year. I stopped using it after a few months… oh except that time she started biting and then I started using it again. (Sorry not trying to weird you out, but I like to be transparent). Want a free nursing cover from Udder Covers! Enter code E63493 at checkout. 
        Use Promotion Code e63493 TODAY!
      4. Boppy: Apparently this is like a top shower gift. A Boppy is basically a nursing pillow. Even if you don’t breastfeed this thing is still awesome. I would often find myself using a Boppy when I wasn’t even near the baby. Don’t judge me… Nursing pillows are a great way to find a good latch position and makes breastfeeding more comfortable. An added benefit is that it helps keep that sweet little baby off of your stomach if you are recovering from a c-section. Go ahead and add it to your registry if you don’t already have one. My sister purchased one in 2010 and I used it in 2012/2013 then she used it again for her 2nd child in 2014. They hold up for a long time, so it’s worth the money.
      5. Nursing gown/tank top: You will get tired of the fabulous and posh hospital gown so pack your own nursing gown or tank top for easy access.

Have you nursed before? What are some things you found to be essential for breastfeeding in the beginning? Comment below.

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