Truths about Breastfeeding

You’ve probably heard a lot about breastfeeding and sometimes you’ll get conflicting information. Well here are 3 truths and 3 somewhat truths. I say somewhat truths because it’s not true for everyone.

The truth about breastfeeding. Losing weight, appetite, and how often you should breastfeed


Truths about Breastfeeding

  1. A good latch is a foundation of breastfeeding! TRUTH! You need to have a good latch in order to produce an adequate amount of milk, avoid pain, prevent other breastfeeding problems and just to breastfeed successfully! Whenever I talk to a mom who is struggling, I always recommend checking the latch and it’s a good idea to have a lactation nurse or consultant look at it for you.
  2. Breastfeeding is all about supply and demand! TRUTH! Yes, yes, yes it is! Your body has to know that you need milk in order to make more of it. So dropping nursing sessions or pumping sessions and thinking your supply will stay the same is not a good idea. If you started off pumping every 3 hours and you’re getting 30-40 ounces a day, dropping down to only 4 pumping sessions a day will not yield 40 ounces. So try adding in more sessions if you find that you are not producing enough. How often should you pump?
  3. Frequency is key! TRUTH! Being consistent and releasing milk frequently is important, especially when you are in the newborn stages and trying to establish your milk supply. How often should you pump? 

Somewhat Truths about Breastfeeding.

  1. You will always be hungry. One thing that surprised me when I started breastfeeding was how big of an appetite I had. I was always hungry. Interestingly enough you actually need more calories a day when you’re breastfeeding than you did when you were pregnant. I say this is somewhat true because everyone may not experience that increase in appetite from breastfeeding.
  2. Breastfeeding helps you lose weight. Ok so this was not really true for me, I didn’t find that it helped me lose weight. Although some women will swear it’s how they lost their baby “pregnancy” weight. I wish this were my truth. You may find that your body holds on to those extra pounds when you’re breastfeeding. Don’t let that stop you from breastfeeding though, it’s only temporary.
  3. Supplements will increase your milk supply. While I have tried supplements like fenugreek and it did work for me, this is not true for everyone. The reason is because your real problem with not making enough milk could be a hormonal thing, or have to do with the above truths (good latch, supply and demand, and frequency of feedings). There are a lot of breastfeeding supplements out there that are worth a try, but none of them are a 100% guarantee that they will help increase your milk supply.

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