Breastfeeding Styles to consider

Different ways to feed your baby
Different ways to breastfeed your newborn baby

You’re expecting a baby and not sure whether you want to breastfeed or formula feed. While there are gang of women who are adamant about which is best, I just want to offer you some basic information about how to feed your baby.

I should note that Breastfeeding is my preferred choice( obviously I own a business based solely on breastfeeding) . 

Exclusive Breastfeeding

Women who exclusively breastfeed “straight from the tap” don’t offer the baby any other food or drink exclusively for the first 6 months. Usually at 6 months, pediatricians recommend introducing solid foods (pureed of course) in addition to your breast milk.

Exclusive Pumping

Women who exclusively pump do not directly nurse their baby. They use a breast pump to remove the milk from their breast and feed it to the baby in a bottle. I started off exclusively pumping because my daughter was born prematurely and received my milk through a feeding tube and worked her way up to a bottle and eventually we were able to nurse and I no longer had to exclusively pump. If you will be returning to work after giving birth, learning about pumping will greatly benefit you.

Nursing and Pumping

Women who nurse and pump will nurse their baby at the breast in addition to pump their milk to feed in a bottle. This is a common practice especially for working moms. Some moms will pump at work and only offer the breast at home.

Pumping and Supplementing

Women who pump and supplement will use a breast pump to remove their milk and offer formula for some feedings. I’ve found that moms who do this generally do it because of a perceived low milk supply. Or if your baby is underweight some pediatricians may advise you to offer formula to add calories…Long story I had to do this in the beginning even though I had an oversupply, I’ll explain later.

Nursing and Supplementing

If you can’t or choose not to pump but aren’t able to be around your baby 24/7 then nursing and supplementing would be an option. This allows you to nurse your baby when you’re together and feed them formula when you’re away for longer periods of time.

Formula Fed

If you can’t or choose not to breastfeed then there is still a way to feed your baby and that is using formula. As I mentioned I support breastfeeding 100% but I also support feeding your baby 110%. A fed baby is the goal and while breastfeeding offers so many benefits to mom and baby, it may not be your cup of tea and that’s okay. Don’t ever let someone put you down for choosing to feed your baby this way.

Donor Milk

A not so common option but available to moms is donor milk. Sometimes moms have an oversupply or extra milk and choose to donate it to a milk bank. The milk bank offers milk to babies who need it (often it’s NICU babies).

Well that about sums up the different ways to feed your baby. I hope this was informative and I’m sure you’re about to do a google search on some of the options I’ve presented. If you have any questions please leave a comment below or send me an email. If you’d like to talk to other moms who are breastfeeding, you can join the Moms Make Milk Facebook Group. It’s a private group for breastfeeding support.

Clair McCoy 1About Clair

Clair is a wife, mom and entrepreneur. She loves sharing breastfeeding tips with other moms and encouraging women to breastfeed. She is the owner of Moms Make Milk and His Money 101. You can read more about Clair’s experience with breastfeeding on the About Page.


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